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About Us

Technology innovation has enabled extraction of fossil fuels from oilfields that were inaccessible and difficult thus, redefining production possibilities in deeper water and critically more harsh, remote and dangerous fields. Consequently, oil and gas industry has become of central importance to the national economy. Aging infrastructure of offshore/onshore production facilities present growing challenges and vulnerability to corrosion attack. These challenges are enormous across industries and boarder on sustainable corrosion solutions, integrity inspections, safety, and protective measures for extending the life the structures.

Against this backdrop, Oilfield Corrosion Management Services Ltd was established to apply innovative approaches and a combination of well-established strategies to manage the corrosion problems of oil and gas facilities, focusing on providing sustainable corrosion mitigation options, integrity inspection solutions, and customer-tailored maintenance program to tackle the corrosion menace and maintain the longevity and reliability of these critical infrastructures.

Corrosion can have significant impacts on safety if legal requirements established for corrosion are not considered during periodic inspections and maintenance. You can rely on us drawing upon many years of in-depth experience of our multitasking and combined skilled engineers in problem-solving in diving inspections; cathodic protection systems; pipeline refurbishment; coating systems & painting; CIPS/DCVG survey; corrosion maintenance; overall NDT systems; including specialist monitoring & ROV mountable and specialized equipment with developed hardware and software.

We collaborate with our expert technical partners and manufacturers to deliver value added services and products. Our highly skilled professionals have the knowledge and experience in corrosion; metallurgy; inspection engineering to carry out sub-sea/top-deck/onshore integrity inspections; internal corrosion monitoring systems & wireless remote monitoring & control to fight against corrosion and prevent corrosion risks.

Vision Statement

To deliver excellence always, client’s specific requirements,and cost-effective options/solutions and maintain the integrity of corrodible infrastructure, pipelines, structures, and reduce corrosion risks.

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