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DART® PLUS Remote Monitoring Interrogation System for Rectifiers& Test Points
  • For examining a buried pipeline to determine whether or not it is cathodically protected as well as making other tests associated with corrosion.
  • Multipurpose remote monitoring unit capable of functioning as a stand-alone data logger for a CP test station for “on” and “off” pipe to soil potential readings.
  • A drive–by remote monitoring interrogation system for rectifiers & test points.
  • Makes possible to monitor isolated areas that were impossible to interrogate with conventional remote monitoring techniques.
  • No longer is it required to have a “Trained and Qualified Corrosion Technician” take these readings.Designed to provide accelerated, remote and hands free data acquisition of values from Rectifiers and Cathodic Protection Test Points.
  • The data acquisition is accomplished through the integration of three separate technologies:
    • By combining the Global Positioning System “GPS”, with the Personal Computer “Laptop” and the blending of advanced radio technology with state-of-the-art microprocessors.
Product Applications & Capabilities
Product Benefits
  • Monitoring Rectifiers - Amperage, Voltage, AC Input
  • CP Test Stations Pipe-to-Soil Potentials.
  • Instant Off and On IR Free Potentials using the
    • DIN 50925 standard Stelth® 7 technology.
    • Current Density
    • 100 mV shift criterion
  • Line Crossing Integrity.
  • Casing to Carrier Integrity.
  • Flange Insulation Integrity.
  • Resistance Bonds Values.
  • Current Measurement of Sacrificial Anodes.
  • Off Potential Readings for Sacrificial Anodes Systems.
  • Provides 12 readings each time the remote unit is polled, including readings from the last 12 months.
  • Dramatically reduces the cost to take rectifier readings .One read provides 12 months of history.
  • Provides access to inaccessible test points, such as, swamps, jungles, etc.
  • Eliminates need to manually access test points in confined areas
  • No outside power source is required for the DART Plus remotely located units
  • No special training or computer knowledge required to operate.

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