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Remote Monitoring of Cathodic Protection (CP) Systems and Processes Associated with the Oil & Gas Industries
  • Automatically monitors and controls digital and functions and processes associated with oil & gas operations, such as CP systems.
  •  The system has proven its reliability working for decades throughout five continents thus, the most far-reaching experience in the corrosion industry than any other system on the market.
  • The Comanche RMCS can be accessed through the Comanche Data Comanche Data Center
  • The software user interface allows you to manage your whole system from one single screen.
  • You can map of your facility or pipeline system in your computer screen, and retrieve the output of your rectifier by clicking on the location of your rectifier.
  • The computer user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate at any user level.
  • Your Cathodic Protection system can be accessed from any authorized computer within the network.


Product Applications& Capabilities
  • Cathodic protection rectifiers
  • Reference electrodes
  • IR Free reference electrodes
  • Anode beds
  • Resistance bonding points
  • Monitor casing to carrier shorts
  • Instant Off potential readings
  • Alarm systems

  • A Synchronized interruption of rectifiers
  • Tide levels
  • Tank levels
    Pressure (i.e. well heads)
  • Temperature
  • Flow rates
  • Petroleum viscosity
  • Lighting systems
  • Security systems (warnings and alarms).
  • Valves (ON, OFF or any position in between).

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