国际pt / 农业pt系统

Smart 8C / 3MD农业国际pt器

农场pt器 CC 系列

  • FarmHand 温度、相对娱乐监控
  • Farm Hand 继电器及变速输出
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  • FarmMaster / FarmCenter 经济节约的解决方案,最适合供排列紧凑的小型栏舍进行复杂的人工 ptpt
  • 经济节约的解决方案,最适合供排列紧凑的小型栏舍进行复杂的人工 ptpt
  • 功能广泛的FarmCenter用户界面
  • 全功能pt器 Farm Master/Farm Center
  • FarmPro 对养殖舍内的多项功能实施全面pt




The Smart 8C/3MD controller provides variable speed control of Munters Drive fans. All inputs are received; all processing of data is done; and all 10-0vdc output signals are sent by the Smart 8C/3MD.
To ensure solutions for various buildings, the controller is configurable to control different types of other equipment such as pumps and curtains. Three tempuratures zones can be programmed inside the building. Other environmental inputs that can be read are air temperature and air humidity (THI i ndex option).